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Rajsamand Shiksha Mitra Sanstha is a non-profit organization dedicated to serve educationally deprived students, of all caste and creed, with the aim to provide them necessary support for their overall development (physical, mental and intellectual - including personality, academic, ethical, cultural, physical and moral development) in a stress-free, loving environment. The organization is headquartered at Raisamand, Rajasthan. It has been functioning since May,2018 and has served tens of students, mostly from government schools.

The organization strives to encourage curiosity, self-learning, ethical living, environmental awareness and societal responsibilities. It coaches the kids after their school hours. It tries to strengthen fundamental aspects of Mathematics, Science and English, besides other academic subjects up to school level. We try to arouse curiosity, develop expression (both verbal and written), improve logical reasoning and understanding various aspects of day-to-day life in the young learners. They are motivated to adopt healthy living habits, with stress on personal hygiene, and avoidance of junk food. We take them to visit nearby worthy spots in order to learn about local environment, history and customs; to become aware about preservation and enrichment of environment. Such activities aim to make them responsible citizens and create awareness in them about various Dos and Don'ts of everyday life. We also celebrate various festivals and organise events to enhance the creative ability of our students.

Most of our activities are conducted by self-motivated, individual volunteers. We seek dedicated volunteers to achieve the objectives set for it. The organization aims to create several such centers catering to the needs (educational, financial and emotional) of the educationally deprived children so that they can assimilate with the main stream of the society and become responsible and efficient citizens.

A word from our founder

Dear friends,

I, Laxman Jain, reside at Rajsamand, Rajasthan. I have been away from my home town for more than fifty years. Therefore, I need to introduce myself to my local friends. I did my M.Tech in Applied Geology from IIT, Roorkee in 1973 and then joined Geological Survey of India. I served this organization for 37 long years in various capacities. Post retirement I completed my MBA in Finance and Business Analytics from the University of Hartford, USA in 2016. Since then I'm trying to contribute towards education of children at Rajsamand.

The strong urge, during the course of my MBA studies in USA, to repay the societal debt led me to pursue my passion to help educationally deprived children. Infrastructural and attitudinal bottlenecks, compounded by illiteracy and poverty of such students' environments, thwarted my initial efforts to guide them in their schools themself. The failure inspired me to start such a facility at my own residence, resulting in creation of a non- profit organization - "Rajsamand Shiksha Mitra Sanstha". This creation resulted from gradual increase in the number of children along with inspired 'teacher volunteers', who identify themselves with this passion.

Creation of a face book page for "Rajsamand Shiksha Mitra" resulted with the realization of the need to expand the scope and activities of the "Shiksha Mitra Sanstha" and to approach and invite like-minded, passionate volunteers to become 'Shiksha Mitras' to serve deserving and needy children of Rajsamand.


Laxman Jain,

M.Tech, MBA. Retired.

Founder, Rajsamand Shiksha Mitra Sanstha.

We help children to become good and efficient human beings.

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