A Charity with Motto - We value education with values

We are Rajsamand Shiksha Mitra Sanstha

Rajsamand Shiksha Mitra Sanstha is a non- profit organisation dedicated to serve students, of all caste and creed, deprived from suitable education with the aim to provide them necessary support for their overall development  in a stress-free, loving environment. The organisation strives to encourage curiosity, self-learning, environmental awareness, ethical living and social responsibilities. We seek dedicated volunteers to achieve our objectives of catering to the needs (educational, financial and emotional) of the educationally deprived children so that they can assimilate with the main stream of the society and become responsible and efficient citizens.
The organisation is headquartered at Raisamand, Rajasthan.

Student 370+

Volunteers 34

Our Services

 Confidence building   Learning fundamentals    Social activities
 Happy child   Focus on understanding   Indoor games
 Personal hygiene   Ethical living   Extracurricular activities
 Counseling   Study material   Environmental awareness
 Healthy habits -
 a. Yoga 
 b. Food habits
   Expression building -
    a. Oral
     b. Written 
  Interaction with -
   a. Parent
   b. Teachers
 Emotional support   Study trips   Financial support for education

Hours -1. After/before school on school days,
            2. Every other day - flexible.

A Charity with Mission

Upcoming Events

27 May, 2020

Online Spoken English classes

Volunteer's Team

We help children to become good and efficient human beings.

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